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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Integrate Apps, Processes, & Data

On One Unifying Platform

Every organization has software applications to automate department-specific functions. These systems range from large ERP implementations to single-purpose apps for HR, marketing, sales, accounting/finance, etc.


These systems deliver great value to individual departments/functions, but isolates data that's difficult to share.


At Jenyta, we believe that data should seamlessly flow to where ever and when ever it is needed; making work easiest for users, and deliver the highest value to the team.


We built Jenyta to integrate and share data with any other systems including ERPs and 3rd-party applications.


Multiple Integration Methods

Jenyta can interface to any other system provided that at least one of the following is true:

  • A URL exist to the other software applications

  • The application database(s) is ODBC compliant

  • The application can accept an HTTP post

  • The application implements web services

  • The application has APIs written in C, or C++ or Java

  • The application supports XML

  • The application implements queuing and messaging