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Your Supply Chain, Optimized Your Way

Jenyta gives you the power to:

  • Control your processes inside your organization and outside with suppliers

  • Surpass your savings targets

  • Reduce administrative costs,

  • Implement spending controls integrated with workflows

  • Eliminates errors

  • Orchestrate all documentations, forms and tasks

  • Ensure compliance with internal & external regulations

  • Access documentation and contracts shared by your peers

  • Leverage the buying power of multiple organizations buying from multiple supplier networks


Public and private sector results include:

  • 13.8% hard dollar savings on purchasing costs

  • 7.92 hours of internal labor savings on each procurement process

  • Significantly shorter procurement cycle times

  • Dramatic reduction of process errors


Transform Cumbersome Into Stress-Free

Jenyta transforms your manual, e-mail/paper-intensive, expensive procedures into automated, integrated, and cost effective processes where everything is integrated across your organization and with your suppliers.


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