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For The IT Organization

Jenyta gives you an IT control dashboard where you can monitor and control all IT projects and processes. You can use Jenyta for one or multiple IT processes including (but not limited to):

  • Change management

  • Provisioning

  • Project management

  • Incident response processes

  • Supplier management

  • IT purchasing

  • Customer onboarding


Be The Hero For The Business

Jenyta is a cloud-based platform that enables IT to rapidly (within weeks) configure and implement new solutions to solve department-specific problems. When business leaders request your help solving a big problem, you already have a solution platform, you can rapidly configure to solve the business problem and implement a solution.


Save Money: One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Jenyta is a powerful platform that can automate any process you can imagine. After implementing your first solution on Jenyta, you already have a platform that can automate additional business workflows.


No More Expensive SW Customizations

Jenyta does not require any software customization.  Jenyta is configured

(no programming) to run your workflows exactly as you want.  Your workflows,

business rules, forms, and data sources, are configured in Jenyta.  The

uniqueness of your environment informs Jenyta how to behave best for you.

And when improvements are needed, the new rules can be configured within minutes

by us or by your team.


Change Happens

Jenyta is built for change. When things need to change, your team can implement changes immediately in workflows, tasks, permissions, forms, etc.



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