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Configured For The Way You Work

  • Software should make your life easier

  • Be configured for your unique requirements

  • Adapt instantly to changes in your environment and workflows


Configured For You

  1. We begin by listening and gathering all your requirements including your processes, file types, database connections, 3rd party software apps, and networks of partners, customers, suppliers and employees.

  2. We then rapidly configure (no programming) Jenyta to handle your workflows, data and apps, precisely as they currently exist in your organization.

  3. And as you make improvements, you can modify Jenyta in minutes to implement your changes.  No programming skills required.


Run Away When You Hear "Customization"

Other vendors sell you software that requires expensive software

customization that is also expensive to change later.  When you hear a

vendor say "customization" or "we can customize our system for you,


Customization means:

  • Expensive software recoding

  • Hardcoded workflows & forms that are difficult and expensive to change

  • Extensive user training

  • Increased risk of trouble ahead