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Jenyta keeps everyone in every organization "working in synch perfectly" by automatically integrating and synchronizing information and processes across all participating organizations. 


Jenyta helps deliver cost effective, on-time and high quality projects that require multiple participants from multiple organizations, to coordinate their work tasks using the latest versions of information.


Construction participants can include: project owners, designers, site and structural engineers, financing organizations, inspectors, general contractors, sub-contractors, contract workers and multiple suppliers to the contractors and sub-contractor.


Jenyta orchestrates the information they need and the workflows they use while also ensuring compliance with processes defined by internal and external regulations.


Jenyta makes it easy and intuitive to: 

  • Orchestrate complex work processes/activities 

  • Synchronize and integrate multiple information sources (files and databases)

  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations

  • Control and view project activities throughout the entire network of contributing organizations