CxOs: Executive Team

We'll give you a straight answer.

What Is Happening?

Executives need timely information about what is happening and what are employees, partners, customers and suppliers doing? CxOs don't ask for the status of a document or a file.  They want to know about key performance activities & indicators, core business processes and critical project status.  


You're In Spreadsheet Hell

Running departments with disconnected apps, e-mail and file-sharing does not capture work activities or business workflows. So when the executives want to know:

  • "What's the status?"

  • "What is happening?"

  • "Where are we and where are we going next?"

  • "What's the status of critical projects?"


... the organization runs around making spreadsheets.


Spreadsheet hell indicates your current tools (e-mailing, file sharing, multiple apps) are making life more difficult, causing excess spending, limiting revenue, reducing productivity and causing errors.


Real-time Answers That Drive Better Decisions

Jenyta gives each executive answers about what is happening now, what has happened, and what is most likely to happen on the current course.


From each CxOs unique dashboard, they get a full view of what is happening in their organization. Starting from a high level summary, they can drill down into underlying data to find the root-cause of delays and problems, so they can be resolved immediately.


Jenyta also gives leaders the certainty that critical workflows are being followed and alerts them to the issues most important to them.


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