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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Next-Gen Secure Communications

Hyper-Secure Communications Beyond The Limits Of Encryption


Businesses rely on their networks of partners, suppliers, and customers.  Everyday sensitive information is shared internally and externally to coordinate business activities. Data is traditionally secured using encryption and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). These methods secure your data, but your information is not private.


Encrypted-VPN shared data can easily be accessed by the wrong person, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason.  And the wrong amount of information can be accessed for unauthorized use.

Jenyta's engineers are collaborating with researchers to refine and deploy next-generation hyper-secure technologies like telepathic networks and ultra-low frequency radio to further protect global communications.


Another example is the sharing of new product designs (or intellectual property, financial data, etc.) with vendors and sub-vendors to facilitate the creation of competitively sensitive products or services. Sensitive data was secured but not private from unauthorized access.


Jenyta protects both the privacy and security of your most sensitive data by using multiple privacy layers to ensure that only the right people, see the right amount of information, at the right time, based on the reason they “need to know.”