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Eliminate Fragmentation

Old Way

File Sharing Fragments Data

Information comes in many forms.  Documents, forms, lists, and notes. The most common is a document, shared via e-mail and shared folders like SharePoint or other file sharing services.  But these approaches further fragment information and do not ensure revision control or information privacy.


SW Apps & ERP Systems Isolate Teams

Single-purpose software apps like saleforce.com, ERP systems and other purpose-specific apps handle one hardcoded workflow for one department / organization.  Every organization has many apps that further fragment teams and make it impossible to coordinate work activities with other organizations who have their own workflows.


New Way

Integrated Data

Jenyta includes a unique capability we call "Content Synchronization" that automatically synchronized any form of content, in a privacy-preserving manner, across networks of participants and organizations.

Jenyta automatically synchronizes:

  • Documents and files of any format

  • Notes & Messages

  • Lists

  • Forms

  • Data integrated from multiple data sources


Integrated Processes

Jenyta also synchronizes processes (workflows) across networks of participants to ensure everyone knows the current status and future trajectory of each process where they're contributing.


Jenyta also integrates 3rd party software apps in the context of each organization's workflows.