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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Orchestrate Your Digital Factory 

The Digital Factory Of The Future Is Ready For You Now

Whether you realize it or not, your current workplace is a digital factory where digital information flows across teams that may be separated by distance and time.


Now imagine your organization where everything in is integrated and coordinated with the precision of a physical factory. This future vision is a reality today using Jenyta’s work management platform.


Our technology gives you time-tested functionalities to manage how work is accomplished in your digital workplace.  These powerful capabilities enable your people to perform perfectly, with less effort (and stress), get faster results, with lower costs, and greater quality/compliance.  


Imagine the productivity and competitive advantage you will have when:

  • Processes and tasks are precisely orchestrated across all participating organizations

  • Multiple data sources, systems and apps are integrated

  • Structured and unstructured information is synchronized

  • The latest version of any file is instantly accessible

  • Employees, partners, suppliers, and customers effortlessly coordinate project tasks across distance and time.

  • Flexible workflows change on the fly in response to changing conditions and priorities


While your competition is talking about digitization, you can be achieving quantum leaps in productivity using Jenyta's work management technology.