Every User's View Is Unique

We'll give you a straight answer.

You Are Unique

  • Your projects, programs and processes, and data are unique.

  • Your priorities are unique.

  • Your teams of partners, employees, customers & suppliers, are unique. 

  • Your span of responsibility is unique.

  • And what's most important changes with time and conditions.


Everything about you and your work is unique.  So why should software present the same view to all user? Why should every user have the same user interface?


Jenyta Is Unique To You

Every Jenyta screen is dynamically rendered to your unique combination of projects and priorities. Jenyta presents the things you and your team are working on.


Infinite Number Of User Views

During set-up, Jenyta is configured for your collection of user types.  Jenyta can be configured to render an infinite number of user types. And within each user type, Jenyta renders a unique view of only the things each user is working on.


User Specific Controls

Jenyta also gives each user control over what they want to see and not see.  For example, a user may be working on 10 projects.  Three are high priority now.  In this case, the user can tell Jenyta to only present their top three most important projects, while still tracking the other projects / processes in the background.


Information Privacy

Each person sees only the things they have a need-to-know so sensitive information remains secure and private. Even search results are filtered based on privacy permissions. If a user searches for something they're not involved with, the search results are blank.  Each user only sees those things where they are participating, responsible for, or have a need to know.


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