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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Increase Productivity 30%

Increase Productivity 30% & Save $24,000 / Employee / Year


Research by McKinsey & Company, IDC and Interact, reveals that information workers waste 20% to 30% of their time doing three things:

1. SEARCHING for the latest version of a document or a file we need to do our job.  We are searching for the latest version of a purchase order, a contract, bill-of-materials, statement-of-work, request for proposal (RFP), functional requirements, or a patient’s medical record.


2. COORDINATING our tasks with other employees, trading partners, vendors and customers. We use instant messaging, e-mailing, update databases and project plans, in an attempt to know what is happening.


3. REPORTING status using spreadsheets and status meetings. By the time the reports are submitted the status is already out of date.  

This costs business $24,000 per employee per year.* 

  • For a 100-person company, that is a loss of $2.4 Million dollars annually.

  • For a 1,000-person company, the lose is $24 Million annually.

  • For a 15,000-person company, the cost is $360 Million every year


Additional losses losses include lost revenue, higher expenses, and implementation errors/delays.


Jenyta solves these and other challenges by:

* Glassdoor.com: Average salary for knowledge-worker, across all US industries, is $80K per year