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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Automate Workflows & Integrate Data Sources

For All Participants & Organizations 

The Digital Operating System For Organizations

  • Every person has an unconscious mind that automatically orchestrates thousands of biological processes that make it possible for us to live and thrive.

  • Factories that produce physical things like cars, phones, and move packages, use control systems to orchestrate people, materials, and information so factories operate efficiently.


  • In the digital workplace, where information moves between workers, companies DO NOT have a digital operating system (Digital OS) to orchestrate the information, apps, and processes that optimize productivity. The result is expensive digital chaos, errors, and poor performance.


Today’s digital workplace is out of control, where information, processes, and people are siloed and fragmented. And spreadsheets track past status to provide the illusion of control.

Digital O.S For Organizations, Partners, & Customers

Jenyta is just like a digital operating system that automatically orchestrates worker tasks, integrates structured and unstructured data, and integrates other apps, in a way that:

  • Increases productivity 20% to 30%

  • Reduces costs by 10%+

  • Guarantees compliance with policies and regulations

  • Eliminates process errors

  • Increases operational speed


Imagine the productivity and competitive advantage you will have when:

  • Processes and tasks are precisely orchestrated across all participating organizations

  • Multiple data sources, systems and apps are integrated

  • Structured and unstructured information is synchronized

  • The latest version of any file is instantly accessible

  • Employees, partners, suppliers, and customers effortlessly coordinate tasks

  • Flexible workflows change on the fly in response to changing conditions and priorities


While your competition is talking about digitization, you can be achieving quantum leaps in productivity using Jenyta.