Cost Of The Status Quo

We'll give you a straight answer.

"The way we're doing things now is a giant waste of time and money."


Cost Of Current Methods and Apps

Maintaining the status quo has significant and hidden costs that limit growth, increase operational costs, inhibit compliance, and cause errors.


How many of the following conditions are you living with?


  1. Data Is Fragmented Using E-mails, Messages, Apps & Systems, and Shared Files

  2. Current Methods Don’t Track “What Is Happening”

  3. Time Wasted Making Spreadsheets & Tracking Tasks

  4. Single-Purpose Systems With Hardcoded Workflows Can’t Match Your Processes

  5. Current Systems Unable To Manage Processes Across Many Organizations

  6. Current Systems Are Expensive & Difficult To Change

  7. Security & Privacy Concerns Threaten Workflows & Data

  8. Delays, Increased Costs, Reduced Quality & Service Levels

  9. Current Methods Unable To Control Compliance With Policies & Regulations

  10. Inaccurate & Untimely Reporting Impacts Management Decisions


Compare Jenyta's system functionality to the status quo