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Your Customers Want To Work With You

Communications and relationships are the most important differentiators for you, and critical to revenue and client retention.


Delivery of your products or services often involves coordinating processes and data sharing with:

  • Customer employees and executives

  • Partner organizations of yours

  • Consultants and sub-contractors to your customer


Your success depends on seamless coordination, private data sharing and real-time communications with your customer and all the other parties that must participate in a successful customer experience.


Your Customers Are Frustrated

You know it. And your customers know it too. Coordination via e-mail, shared-folders and single-purpose apps makes it difficult to communicate and coordinate activities essential to a great customer experience.


There's A Better Way

Jenyta is built for you and your customers to easily coordinate work activities, stay informed with the latest project status, and privately share sensitive information. Better communications and coordination translates into a

  • Great customer experience,

  • Improved customer service,

  • Improved quality and

  • Increased revenue


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