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e-Bidding Services

We Manage The Process For You


Bid management is a labor intensive, manual process requiring strict compliance with external regulations and internal policies. Business by e-mail & spreadsheets is not scalable when procurement workloads spike. 


Our professional services team offers e-Bidding management services, where we manage the entire bidding process for you.  We can handle a single purchase or multiple bidding projects of any complexity.


We keep you informed on process status with real-time reports & alerts through the JenytaMarket cloud-based portal/technology.  Our people our technology to manage your bidding processes and keep you informed throughout the entire process. 


e-Bidding services are priced on a project basis.

Use us as much or as little as you require. 


•   Reduce bidding cycle times

•   Save on purchasing expenditures

•   Reduce internal cost of conducting bids

•   Reduce the cost, hassle, and time for audits