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Control The Present & Future

How Does It Work?

  • How does your car's GPS know what time you'll arrive at your destination?

  • How does the airline know the time and location that your plane will land?


The airlines know and control the future because they know and control the following:

  1. current status (i.e. position, speed)

  2. current route you're taking

  3. resources required for current route (i.e. time, fuel)


The future is known with certainty unless things change.

When conditions change, the outcome will change unless resources or routes are altered.


How To Control The Future

Jenyta gives you the power to know and control the future of complex commerce and projects by:

  1. tracking current status of worflow & information

  2. coordinating current routes (workflows) & resources (time, money, manpower, etc.)

  3. alerting you when things need your attention

  4. providing simple controls so you can change workflows & resources


Guarantee The Results You Need

Jenyta gives you the knowledge and controls to ensure that everything you're responsible for meet or surpass time, cost, compliance and quality requirements.