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Coordinating Care

Health care professionals use Jenyta to save money and manage patient care in real-time across their extensive supplier and provider networks.


Coordination of care is the dominant success factor contributing to patient outcomes. Patient care involves multiple organizations, multiple clinical and non-clinical providers, sensitive patient information fragmented in multiple EMRs (electronic medical records) and payers.



  • Integrates patient information from multiple data sources

  • Coordinates clinical and non-clinical services

  • Orchestrates service delivery from multiple providers

  • Ensures data privacy with embedded privacy controls

Measurable Results

Using Jenyta, a health care organization was able to:

  • Reduce operating expenses by 10% immediately

  • Increases service capacity by 20% so they could treat more patients with the same staffing levels

  • Reduced 30-day readmissions from 28% to zero.

  • Became the preferred post-acute care provider for 20 major medical centers

  • Became the only profitable provider of it's kind in the region.


The results highlighted above were achieved by a Jenyta client that:

  • Serves 5,000 patients with their 300 clinicians

  • delivers clinical and non-clinical services

  • Treats patients in multiple locations including patient homes

  • Intakes referrals from 20 medical centers

  • Coordinates care with 1,200 MDs, 1,100 volunteers and 75 durable medical equipment vendors