New Business Value From HR

We'll give you a straight answer.

Human Resources (HR) is responsible for administering multiple processes that include:

- Recruiting / Hiring                          - Workforce Mgt.

- Compensation Mgt.                   - CTVS Worker Tracking 

- FMLA Administration                 - Performance Mgt.

- Benefits Mgt.                                  - Succession Planning

- Time-Off Approvals                        - Employee Onboarding


Companies typically manage these processes using e-mail & spreadsheets, or have specialized systems for each process.  


This approach increases costs, fragments data and causes preventable errors.


Jenyta delivers a single cloud-based platform that automates multiple HR processes on one system resulting in: 

  • Verifiable cost savings 

  • Elimination of process errors 

  • Increased retention of key employees

  • Increased worker productivity

  • Reduced operational risks