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Coordinating people, processes and information is the fundamental challenge facing all modern businesses. For example, at your company, you must coordinate work processes with other employees, and with several other organizations that might include:

  • Partners & VARs (value-added-resellers)

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Service Providers


Apps and ERP Systems Complicate Your Work

To solve the coordination problem, companies spend millions on single-purpose applications built to solve the challenges of one process for one department.  Every department has their own collection of apps for different workflows.  This is crazy!


Companies also invest millions on ERP systems that are essentially a collection of single purpose apps custom built for individual departments. These applications make the problem worse by fragmenting critical data across multiple siloed systems, and they isolate teams from one another.


How many different apps are running in your organization?


Single-purpose apps and ERP systems do not solve the enormous challenge of coordinating work activities across multiple organizations.


Jenyta's Built To Coordinate & Simplify

Jenyta is built to simplify work by taking care of orchestrating processes and sharing multiple forms of data in a private and secure manner.