Control Is A Beautiful Thing

We'll give you a straight answer.

IT infrastructures are more complicated than ever. Today IT organizations must seamlessly coordinate activities with internal employees, external partners and the partners' vendors. Any service interruption at one partner can cause significant business disruption.


IT processes include:

- Change management                         - Incident response 

- Project management                          - Supplier management

- Security management                        - IT purchasing

- Provisioning                                        - Customer onboarding


Businesses typically implement separate systems to handle each type of process, or these processes are handled via e-mail and spreadsheets.  This creates data silos, errors, and increased costs.


Jenyta is a revolutionary new cloud-based platform that enables the entire IT organization to synchronize work activities, internally and with external partners, using integrated data, workflows and software applications, so you can remotely manage IT processes across decentralized environments.