Life Sciences

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Pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science organizations invest heavily in research to manifest the latest biological breakthrough, but typically under invest in operational systems to coordinate workflows and data with the relationship networks essential to their business.


Coordination Affects Everything

Life science organizations depend on close collaboration with other research organizations as well as business partners, medical centers, strategic suppliers and their employees who may be distributed locally and globally.


Like all businesses, life science firms depend on close collaboration with partners, suppliers, distributors and researchers for the development, testing, clinical trial, manufacturing and distribution of their products. Any interruption within their network of relationships will adversely affect the business. 



Life sciences firms must also comply with multiple types of external healthcare-, financial-, and territory-specific regulations. 



The coordinated and private sharing of work activities and proprietary information is the lifeblood of these firms.


Synchronize Everything & Everyone

Jenyta provides a breakthrough solution that gives you the power to synchronize workflows and information with all your partners, guarantee compliance, accelerate discoveries and optimize operational effectiveness. Jenyta gives you a significant competitive advantage so you can shorten time-to-discovery and time-to-market.