Many Solutions: One System: Huge ROI

We'll give you a straight answer.

How is it possible...

   ...that Jenyta delivers multiple solutions on one platform when other vendors cannot?


The Old Way

Other vendors build software applications for a single purpose with the lowest common process for the most prospects. When you need a new solution they sell you another modules that has to be customized for you.  Vendors' hardcode databases, input forms, user interfaces, and computer logic for one business process.


This antiquated approach leads to:

  • expensive software customizations,

  • frustrated users,

  • failed implementations and

  • business disruption.


And customers are forced to change their internal processes to use the vendor's hardcoded workflows, even after making huge investments on customization. This is why so many software implementations fail.


Jenyta is built differently!

  1. We started with a totally flexible process management engine that can be configured rapidly to handle ANY business workflow that can change on-the-fly.  

  2. Then we add full document management to handle any file type.

  3. We also added records management to integrate data from multiple data sources.

  4. We then added network management to share workflows and information across networks of organizations

  5. And we added embedded information privacy controls that dynamically adjust privacy permissions as conditions change.