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Network-Wide Privacy Controls

Orchestrate Your Security Ecosystem

While You Reduce Complexity & Guarantee Compliance 

Automate Workflows And Dataflows Throughout Your Security Ecosystem

Cyber security and IT infrastructures are complicated, expensive, and labor-intensive. But there is a better way to improve network security, automate threat response, and actually reduce security complexity.

Security professionals are overwhelmed with alerts and data from multiple technologies that can include: 

  - Next-Gen Firewalls                - Vulnerability Scanner

  - IP Address Management       - Directory Services

  - Next-Gen Endpoint                - Cloud & On-Premise Servers

  - Cloud Based Apps                - Physical Security System

Each technology generates large silos of log files and performance data that is often difficult to share or integrate with other security appliances. 


You might also have a SIEM (Security Incident & Event Mgt.) to consolidate log file streams so you can run queries to search for security anomalies.  You might even have some AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to help sort through it all. 

But even after finding some “actionable intelligence” you still have lots of manual work to turn ”intelligence” into "actions" that actually improve security.


You may need to investigate anomalies, open help desk tickets, identify affected equipment and apps, look-up IP addresses, contact NAC (network access control) and affected users, as well as update firewall policies.Many of these repetitive tasks can be automated using Jenyta.


Jenyta automatically launches your unique security processes, triggered by threat conditions you can define. Every piece of data is automatically synchronized throughout each security / IT process so everyone has one-click access to the latest information and their workflow tasks. 

Jenyta orchestrates people, data, apps, systems, vendors and providers so you

  • Increase security & control,

  • Reduce security complexity

  • Reduce your workload & reduce costs,

  • While ensuring regulatory and policy compliance.