Our Story

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Networked Businesses Emerge

In 2011, we saw the emergence of “networks” as the critical business asset of commerce and distributed coordination of work. The Internet provides the digital highway, but coordination of work and private data sharing were still challenges that needed to be solved.


Frustrated With Single Purpose Apps

As former Fortune 10 executives, like you, we were frustrated with the inflexible, expensive single-purpose applications from the typical vendors offering hardcoded workflows and data structures not capable of orchestrating activities and data across the networks that businesses depended on.


Crazy Persistence

Fueled by imagination, passion and relentless persistence, we created a new kind of cloud-based platform that facilitates frictionless commerce and collaboration among networks of people and organizations.


Built For Your Networks

Today, businesses depend on coordination and data sharing across their networks of partners, customers, suppliers and employees.  And now they have a platform built for businesses that depend on their networks.