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Project Centric Architecture

Projects and cases involve managing complex processes, multiple forms of information, and synchronizing activities across networks of people and organizations.


Jenyta gives you the functionality and transparency to control projects / cases of any complexity.


Process Management

This layer manages processes and sub-processes of any complexity including workflows that change on the fly based on your rules, and task reassignment on the fly. Also included is the ability to integrate other 3rd-party software applications in the context of each workflow.


Information Management

This layer manages multiple categories of content including documents, file formats of any type, notes, and lists.  This layer also integrates data from an unlimited number of data sources.


Network Management

This layer manages the sharing of processes and information across an unlimited number of networks.  Content synchronization across networks is also handled at this layer along with dynamic privacy controls that ensure the privacy of sensitive data and workflows. 


Reports & Search

This layer handles reporting and analytics as well as a patent-pending intuitive search engine that makes it easy to find what you want even when you don't know where to look.