Project Manager

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Herding Cats

Project and program managers spend most of their time chasing status, updating reports, tabulating status and sharing data.  Coordinating team activities and sharing data are their core responsibilities.

Project managers often describe their job as trying to herd cats. Most of their time is spent on administrative efforts, when they could be leading projects.


What The Boss Wants To Know

To coordinate activities teams use file-sharing apps like SharePoint, or Project messaging and conferencing apps also allow for file sharing. But the status of a document, file, or message does not tell you what is happening.  

The boss wants to know: 

  • "What is happening?"  

  • "Are we on time?"  

  • "What projects are at risk for being late or over budget?"  

  • "What's the root cause of the problem?"  

  • "How do we guarantee privacy of our information?"

Master Your Universe

For project / program managers Jenyta:

  • Automatically track and update project status for all your projects

  • Give you controls to change workflows on-the-fly (no programming required)

  • Re-route and re-assign tasks

  • Control and track project activities across multiple organizations

  • Manage information privacy automatically based on your rules and changing conditions


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