Real-Time Control & Visibility Of

Projects, Processes & Integrated Data

We'll give you a straight answer.

How many projects or processes are active in your organization?

One Fortune 500 CEO assigned an executive VP to find the answer because costs were out-of-control, projects were failing, and they did not know why. It took one month of full-time effort to discover their 1,400 projects. 30% were redundant and 700 were immediately cancelled. And still they had no way of controlling project trajectory to ensure success.

Even with an army of project managers, hundreds of isolated apps and multiple shared folders, companies waste 30% of worker time searching for the latest data and tracking status. And no one can see the big picture.


This critical and simple question is surprisingly difficult to answer for most organizations. Lack on real-time visibility is a clear indication that your organization is out-of-control.

Jenyta keeps each project and process on time, on-quality and on-budget by: 

  • Automatically assigning project tasks to each team member and organization

  • Synchronizing project content & workflows across the entire team internally & externally so everyone has the latest version of project data

  • Automatically updating and tracking the status of all projects, processes and work activities.

  • Ensuring perfect project execution with embedded workflow controls unique to each organization


From a single dashboard, project managers and each team member has immediate access to fully integrated and up-to-date data, as well as workflow status for every project where they're involved.