Rapid Deployment

We'll give you a straight answer.

Software vendor describe how fast and easy their system is to implement. But vendors can only go so fast when their app needs custom programming to customize it for your needs. 


Jenyta is a revolutionary platform that is configured to your unique processes in days or a few weeks. This is possible because no custom software programming is required to configure Jenyta to automate your workflows. After set-up, your processes can be changed on the fly. And Jenyta can run multiple processes on a single platform so you invest once, and achieve return-on-investment multiple times.


Click here to see how easy it is to set-up a new process in Jenyta.

The Old Way

  • Other vendors offer single-purpose apps built for one process & one department

  • When you need changes, they sell you expensive customization that takes months

  • When you need a new solution, they sell you another module, if they have one

  • Vendors hardcode databases, forms & logic, one business process at a time

  • Their hardcoded workflows force you to change your business processes


The New Way

Jenyta is a revolutionary solution platform that configures in 3 weeks to your unique requirements and processes.


  • Jenyta matches your requirements & workflows 100%

  • Multiple solutions on one unified platform

  • Workflows can change on-the-fly as your requirements change 

  • Changes are implemented immediately with no programming

  • Making changes is simple and intuitive. You can make the changes or we can do it for you