Software as a Service

We'll give you a straight answer.

SaaS firms use their technology to deliver services to their customers who often come through value added resellers (VARs).  Implementations involve technology partners, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Coordinating work activities and sharing information privately is critical and quite difficult with ERPs and single-purpose apps.


Your Current Approach Hinders Growth

SaaS firms deploy project managers to coordinate everything and every one, using spreadsheets, e-mail, files-sharing apps and single-purpose software for project management and sales tracking. But these techniques waste time, waste money, hinder growth and cause errors. Managing a small number of projects is manageable, just add more project managers as demand increases, right?


As the volume and complexity of projects and customers increase, SaaS firms realize that their current approach is not scalable and is hindering business and revenue growth. Things start "fall through the cracks," customers are getting annoyed, and things are getting lost.


Perfect For Services

Jenyta is uniquely designed to coordinate everything and everyone participating in the delivery of services, of any type.