4 Phase Implementation Methodology

We'll give you a straight answer.

Each implementation follows our four-phased methodology, illustrated above. This method has been refined over many years, projects and industries.  This methodology has proven successful for projects of any size, complexity, and from very small to extremely large organizations.

Click on the PDF icon to download a detailed description of each of the four phases of our time tested implementation methodology that ensures success and eliminates project risks.

Configured Uniquely For You

Every organization is unique, with unique ways of doing business.  

The uniqueness of your organization is expressed in

  • your processes, projects, programs & business rules

  • your documents & files, notes, lists, forms

  • your data sources & databases

  • your collection of 3rd party apps

  • your networks of partners, employees, suppliers and customers.


Everything Starts With You

All other software vendors start with their hardcoded system then spend more of your money customizing it to you. This is expensive, difficult to change and never exactly matches your world.



  1. Discovery Phase: The first phase of our 4-phase methodology is to listen, learn and map your uniqueness.

  2. Initial Operating Capability: Then we initially configure a prototype system (in 2-3 weeks) to behave exactly aligned with you and all the things that make your environment unique. 

  3. Enhanced Operating Capability: After your review of the initial configurable, our team works with you to fine-tune system behavior, user views, data sources and the many other parameters of your organization and each user. User training is also included in the phase.

  4. Full Operating Capability: The final phase involves final system enhancements learned in the previous phase, acceptance testing, and moving everything to a full production environment.