Is Your Secured (Encrypted) Data Actually Private?

On June 28, 2016 Cisco announced its’ $293M acquisition of CloudLock, a Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) technology that applies security controls between software applications. This is accomplished through API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to protect content that is shared and stored in cloud-based applications like,,, Google Drive and Office 365.

As companies collaborate with other organizations, data security importance will grow exponentially to mitigate data loss.

But security does not equal privacy. Even when data is encrypted (secured) and shared, this does not mean sensitive data is private. Here’s a short video that illustrates the difference between security and privacy in the cloud.

Privacy remains an imperative even as encrypted data is shared from point-to-point, app-to-app, and across “networks-of-networks” of organizations. Healthcare, pharma, and financial services are examples of industries where data privacy is imperative and security (encryption) alone is not sufficient to ensure sensitive information privacy.

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