Five (5) Symptoms Of The Uncontrolled Organization

There are five (5) major symptoms of the “uncontrolled” app-centric organization. How many does your organization have?

  • Documents & databases are fragmented across multiple apps & shared folders.

  • Spreadsheets are used everywhere to workaround limited app functionality.

  • Scores of single-purpose apps handle one department’s process while isolating more data.

  • Teams are uncoordinated causing project delays, process errors, and cost increases.

  • No real-time visibility or control over core business processes

Business leaders struggle with limited visibility and marginal control over their most important processes. Enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.) and clouds of function-specific apps have done nothing to solve the problems of data and team fragmentation. And data integration remains an illusion.

When picking a new app, selection teams consistently choose apps that only solve their department-specific needs.

Things get worse as projects and processes involve widely distributed participants from external partners, suppliers, providers and customers.

Coordination and integration remains the fundamental challenges for today’s enterprises.

How’s your organization solving these problems?

Learn a new way to cure the uncontrolled organization.

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