How Many Projects Are Active In Your Organization?

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Most organizations cannot answer this simple question, despite having an army of project managers, scores of apps, and multiple file sharing folders. Of course, each individual probably knows the projects they’re working on (if their spreadsheet is up-to-date).

Inventorying all in-flight projects across a company is surprisingly difficult and a clear indication that you’re working in an out-of-control organization. Also, knowing the real-time status of each project is more difficult when multiple people and organizations are participating.

In his upcoming book titled “Smart Work”, Steven Stanton of FCB Partners describes “Project-itis” as one of three corporate maladies that create organizational “busy-ness” where project costs, resources, and success rates are unknown.

Steve also writes, “Because there’s no central repository of project data, there’s absolutely no way for these projects to be counted, prioritized, rationalized, or aligned.”

Project-itis is a major symptom of out-of-control organizations that are limited by busy-ness, where people are overwhelmed with “doing” and have no time to think. “When you’re too busy to think intelligence suffers, insights are lost, and you act dumber than you really are.” writes Mr. Stanton.

In this era of “big data analytics” people have no time to "think" through the analytics to discover insights to improve business outcomes. It’s no wonder that despite spending billions of dollars on big data, a 2015 study by PwC and Iron Mountain found that 43% of companies reported no benefit from their data.


How Many Projects Are Active In Your Organization?

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Steve Staton’s book is titled: Smart Work: Why Organizations Full of Intelligent People do so Many Dumb Things and What You Can Do About It. Get it on Amazon late September 2016.

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