"Future Of Tech" ... 28 Floors Up

Jenyta Networks Co-Founder, Michael R. Neece, talks to a crowd of 50+ FinTech innovators about the major forces driving accelerated business transformation.

Neece was one of four speakers that evening presenting on the roof of a 28-story building in midtown New York City.

With the city skyline as a backdrop, Michael and the other speakers tried their best to yell over the constant hum of the rooftop HVAC units. He elaborated on the following five (5) major paradigms affecting technology-enabled businesses.

The five forces changing today’s businesses include:

  1. ORCHESTRATION of how people and systems work together in the contact of pre-defined and ad-hoc processes

  2. INTEGRATION of structured and unstructured data

  3. AUTOMATION of repetitive tasks and processes to achieve higher and consistent levels of quality

  4. AUGMENTATION of human effort through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive technologies

  5. REGULATION defined by government and industry regulators are imposing stricter levels of regulatory compliance that must be embedded within business processes. Quarterly and annual audits are no longer enough.

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