Any Process You Can Imagine

We'll give you a straight answer.

Every organization has unique processes that are defined by regulations, company policy, industry best practices, or their culture.  These unique workflows can provide competitive differentiation, improve productivity, and help comply with internal & external requirements.


Typical systems force organizations to adopt the standard workflows hardcoded in the vendor's software application. Even with extensive and expensive customization, the vendor's software cannot fully match the unique processes of the organization.


Jenyta Is Matched To Your Processes EXACTLY 

  • Jenyta is configured to rapidly automate your unique projects & processes exactly as deployed in your organization. 

  • Jenyta also gives you the controls to privately share integrated information, from multiple sources, across networks of teams and organizations.  

  • Once configured, you can change workflows on-the-fly, to instantly adapt to changing priorities and conditions, while Jenyta synchronizes everything for you.

  • Leverage your current systems by using Jenyta to integrate data currently isolated in other software applications